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What Is Accountable Down? Discovering Hen-Pleasant Manufacturers

In the event you’ve ever gotten your hair caught on one thing and felt the horrible snap because it was pulled out, you’ve got only a little bit of perception into the intense ache and misery birds endure when their feathers are torn out by the fistful. But the coldhearted down business typically plucks birds alive so as to get their down—the gentle layer of feathers closest to a chook’s pores and skin. Those that aren’t live-plucked don’t fare any higher: The feathers are torn from their corpses after they’ve been killed, usually for his or her flesh. Down is utilized in outerwear and comforters, however for geese and geese, the down business’s strategies are something however comfy. Is there such a factor as accountable down?goose down feathers

Is There Such a Factor as Accountable Down?

There isn’t a method to ethically, humanely, or responsibly produce or purchase down. PETA entities have launched 9 exposés of the down business, together with services with ties to licensed “accountable” corporations. Every exposé has proved that intense struggling, unsanitary situations, and horrific violence and killing are what the down business is all about.

The Accountable Down Commonplace (RDS) claims to make sure that down and feathers come from birds who haven’t been subjected to any “pointless hurt,” however stealing these items from them is at all times pointless and dangerous.

PETA Asia’s investigation into RDS-certified farms in Russia revealed that employees violently restrained geese and painfully suspended them by their wings earlier than stretching their necks throughout a stump and hacking away a number of instances with a uninteresting axe. The investigator filmed a employee hacking at one goose’s neck seven instances earlier than managing to decapitate the chook—all whereas the animal shrieked in ache and concern.

A veterinarian confirmed that these geese undoubtedly suffered tremendously whereas being suspended and restrained by the wings and whereas their necks had been mutilated with a number of blows from an apparently uninteresting axe in a crude try and decapitate them, all whereas they had been acutely aware.

And for 13 months, from November 2021 to November 2022, PETA Asia investigators visited Vietnamese duck farms and slaughterhouses related to dozens of corporations that promote “accountable” down—together with GAP Inc., Guess, and H&M—exposing birds’ terror in slaughterhouses. As seen within the investigative footage, employees mercilessly stabbed geese, slit their throats whereas they had been nonetheless acutely aware, and reduce the ft off stay birds.

One slaughterhouse proprietor who confirmed her enterprise’s RDS certification admitted that it’s solely audited each two years, regardless of the supposed RDS requirement for annual audits. She added that her staff by no means examine for indicators of consciousness earlier than stabbing geese within the neck and slaughtering them.

Firms promoting down might tout the RDS of their branding, however as video footage of the business reveals, these requirements defend solely grasping corporations’ wallets, not birds.

What’s the Distinction Between ‘Reside-Plucked’ and ‘Non Reside-Plucked’ Down?

The quick reply is that all birds within the down business endure a violent demise in a slaughterhouse, whether or not their feathers had been stolen whereas they had been alive or after they had been killed. And when PETA and PETA Asia investigators spoke with suppliers to corporations providing so-called “accountable” and “non live-plucked” down, they admitted to purchasing and promoting live-plucked down.

One purchaser even bragged about deceptive prospects, and an business consultant remarked, “We marketed that it’s all plucked after slaughter—no person dares to purchase it when you say it’s live-plucked.”

When employees pluck stay geese and geese, they pull fistfuls of their feathers out, typically inflicting bloody wounds because the animals shriek in terror and ache. The frightened birds are sometimes squeezed the other way up between employees’ knees throughout the painful process—in a single occasion, an investigator photographed a employee sitting on a goose’s neck so as to stop her from escaping.

As soon as their feathers are ripped out, lots of the birds, paralyzed with concern, are left with gaping wounds, and a few die on account of the trauma. No matter whether or not the feathers are taken from stay birds or birds killed for his or her flesh, these animals had been bred, compelled right into a depressing existence, and tormented for his or her physique elements.

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Birds Are Not Down With Being Used for Their Feathers

Once they stay in nature, geese are outgoing, social animals who really feel most relaxed once they’re with their “paddling,” a close-knit group of members of the family and pals. They swim and fly collectively in formation and even have regional accents. These birds really feel concern and ache simply as acutely as people do and in addition need to stay freed from struggling. They want their feathers—we don’t.

When geese are used for his or her feathers, they’re unable to specific any of this important habits, and so they’re killed lengthy earlier than they’d be anticipated to die naturally.

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Take Motion for Geese and Geese Used for Down

The one method to be a actually accountable shopper and be sure that no birds suffered on your clothes or bedding is to decide on animal-free supplies.

Urge lululemon to Ditch Down

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