UP Police Constable Crying Video

UP Police Constable Crying Video Over Food Quality – Watch now

While making a complaint about the quality of the food provided at the police mess, a policeman in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh burst into tears. The video of his rage has been extensively disseminated over the internet. During a public demonstration, Manoj Kumar, a police constable working in the Firozabad area of Uttar Pradesh, complained about the subpar food quality. A video that has gone viral shows him crying while holding a platter of roti, rice, and dal in one hand as an enormous throng watches. Read the article about UP Police Constable Crying Video Over Food Quality – Watch now.

UP Police Constable Crying Video

In a video that is becoming viral on social media, an Uttar Police Constable stationed in Firozabad can be seen carrying a plate of food as he expresses his dissatisfaction with the quality of the food being served provided to him and his fellow officers.

The video shows the constable breaking down in tears over the subpar food being supplied and the warning that his senior authorities have issued him if he goes out to the public to protest about the quality of food that is being provided to them.

Throughout the 1.37-minute footage, the officer could be seen wiping away tears. Finally, he spoke up and said, “Whom should I tell that I haven’t eaten since the morning? My parents are not here, and no one is listening.” The constable added that an official from the DGP office told him to hang up the phone or he would be suspended, and he was saying this while holding the plate in his hand. If he ventured into public with the plate, he would be subjected to the same kind of intimidation that he experienced from his elders.

UP Police Constable Crying Video Over Food Quality

However, the mess management has said that Kumar has a history of making an undue fuss over the food quality and protesting that the food items, including lentils, chapatti, and rice, are uncooked. The manager of the mess reportedly provided this information.

“Captain sir does not want to listen to any sort of complaint of mine, and the RI (Reserve Inspector) claims that I will be suspended immediately,” Kumar stated. He further said, “I have informed DGP sir about the problem multiple times, but to date, no solution has been offered.” The sources revealed this. “I have told DGP, sir, about the problem countless times, but no solution has been provided to date.”

UP Police Constable Complaint

The video footage includes the words of policeman Manoj Kumar who states, “The food that is being supplied to us is of a kind that not even animals can consume, yet it is still being given to us. It is a con orchestrated by the Deputy Chief of Police and the Senior Superintendent of Police. The food given to police troops via these individuals is low quality.”

He further said that despite Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the allowances granted to police officers would be enhanced by around 30 per cent to guarantee that they had a good meal, the food that was supplied was of poor quality.

UP Police Constable Action Taken

Senior Superintendent of Police Ashish Tiwari has taken notice of the situation and has given the order for an investigation to be conducted. According to the SSP, the problem has been considered, and Circle Officer (City) Abhishek Srivastava has been requested to investigate the mess’s food quality.

The source further said that there were 15 ongoing charges against the constable, some of which included staying away from duty and indiscipline, and that the Circle Officer of the Police Lines, Hira Lal Kanaujia, was tasked with investigating those instances.

As the events transpired, there was another police officer spotted standing next to the constable. Dozens of people could be seen around the two of them. Criticizing the UP administration for its treatment of the police, the video has gone viral on social media and is being extensively circulated.

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