Sonali Phogat was Murdered

Sonali Phogat was Murdered – Says Autopsy Report, What Else is there

Two persons were taken into custody by the Goa Police Department on Thursday, August 25, 2022, in connection with Sonali Phogat, who was murdered, a BJP politician and singer. The arrests of Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Vasi, who were with Sonali Phogat when she travelled to Goa on August 22, according to the police, came about as a result of their being listed as suspects in the case involving Phogat’s death. 

Sonali Phogat was Murdered

Rinku Dhaka, Phogat’s brother, submitted a complaint with the Anjuna police on Wednesday, naming the individuals he believed responsible for the crime. Sagwan and Wasi had joined Phogat on August 22, when she landed in Goa. The next day, Sangwan contacted her relatives and told them that she had passed away the day before due to a heart attack. However, her relatives became concerned about how she passed away and filed a report with the authorities.

Dhaka said that Phogat had notified their brother-in-law Aman Punia on August 22 about the “intentions” of her helper. This conversation allegedly took place on August 22. She reported to Punia that Sangwan and his companion had perpetrated a crime at her residence in Hisar three years ago and that she would report the incident to the police when she returned to Hisar on August 23. “She informed Punia that Sangwan and his friend had done the theft. She also claimed that Sangwan had sexually assaulted her, given her food laced with an intoxicant, filmed the assault, and threatened to make the video public on social media, the accuser said.

Sonali Phogat was Murdered, Says Autopsy Report

The investigation is led by Prashant Naik of the Anjuna police station in North Goa. He said that the two people who were detained, Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Wasi, were taken into custody due to a complaint made by the family. However, in the autopsy report, Naik was non-committal, saying that the ‘blunt forces injuries’ do not indicate foul play on their own. He said they are still trying to determine the source of the markings that seem like blunt trauma but that it could be anything. The chemical analysis, histology, and serological reports have been requested on some of the tissues that were turned in.

An authority in forensic science said to the sources, “It is vital to know the specifics of the injuries and where they were located to determine whether they truly contributed to her death.” However, it is unmistakable that these wounds were caused, indicating that she was severely beaten.

The former actress and politician, who had travelled to Goa on August 22 and was staying at a hotel in Anjuna, began to feel “uneasy” on August 23. At that point, she was transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced brought dead. Her death occurred on August 23.

Sonali Phogat was Murdered. What Else is there?

BJP leader and actor Sonali Phogat was found to have “multiple blunt force injuries” on her body, according to the postmortem report, which was released on Thursday. The DG of the Goa Police Department, Jaspal Singh, stated that they would question Sonali Phogat’s two associates, Sudhir Sagwan and Sukhwinder Wasi. However, after the postmortem examination results were made public, the Goa Police Department filed a charge of murder against the two individuals associated with the deceased.

The Indian Penal Code’s Section 302, which pertains to murder, was included in the investigation into the killing of the 42-year-old leader. According to a senior police officer who spoke to the news agency PTI, Sagwan and Singh, who was with Phogat when she landed in Goa on August 22, were listed as suspects in the investigation into the murder. Wednesday was when Rinku Dhaka, Phogat’s brother, went to the Anjuna Police Station to submit a complaint against the two suspects. The corpse of Phogat was brought to the Goa Medical College and Hospital on Thursday to have an autopsy performed on it. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, has said that the viscera of Phogat would be inspected in both Chandigarh and Goa.

Sonali Murder Updates

The death was first reported to the authorities as suspicious, and the corpse was taken away for an autopsy, scheduled to take place on Wednesday. However, her family was so angry that the police took so long to register the murder case that they wouldn’t permit a postmortem examination.

Sonali Phogat, who shot to stardom with her TikTok videos, ran for office in Haryana as a candidate for the BJP in 2019 but was defeated by Kuldeep Bishnoi, who was the head of the Congress party at the time (he has since joined the BJP). In addition, she was a contestant in the reality programme Bigg Boss in 2020.

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