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Ombudsman office intervenes to help citizens get Rs7.5 mn relief

LAHORE: The Office of Punjab Ombudsman worked to provide a cumulative relief of Rs7.5 million to 41 plaintiffs of different districts who approached it to redress their grievances relating to provincial government departments.

In a statement issued on Friday, a spokesman for the office mentioned the intervention of the ombudsman office helped five complainers from Mianwali to get Rs1 million, five applicants from Attock received Rs0.6 million and four people from Muzaffargarh got Rs1.2 million from concerned departments.

Also, three complainants from Lahore received Rs0.9 million. Meanwhile, three Sahiwal-based applicants received a legal relief worth Rs0.4 million after they submitted complaints to the ombudsman’s office for the protection of their legal rights.

In a separate development, Rs0.5 million was paid to three complainants from Multan, the spokesman added.

Similarly, he explained the efforts of the ombudsman’s office resulted in the payment of Rs0.3 million to two persons from Faisalabad. Rs0.4 million was paid to two individuals from Toba Tek Singh and Rs.57,620 was given to two users from Jhang.

Rs0.1 million was paid to two complainants of Bhakkar after they approached the ombudsman’s office to seek relief.

The spokesman’s office also worked to ensure financial relief of Rs1.7 million against ten applications of various nature which were submitted to regional offices for relief, concluded the spokesman.

The plaintiffs have thanked the ombudsman’s office for securing their legal rights.

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