Menace of Mind Drain

Menace of Mind Drain

Mind drain is a tough nut to crack for the creating nations as a result of it generates mental dearth by depriving the nation of its good folks. These geniuses use their energies and skills to serve the pursuits of the nation the place they immigrate to fulfill their private ambitions and life lengthy aspirations. The loaded industrialized nations have extra job alternatives than the cash-strapped unindustrialized ones that entice their pitiable dwellers to depart their motherland with a ray of hope for a vivid future. The well-fixed states accommodate these intellectuals to suck the expertise of the budding nations which are already going through quite a few complicated predicaments. The urbanized nations prior to now plundered the wealth of the frail nations below the guise of monstrous colonialism and now they’ve framed WTO to pillage their sources in a chic manner. However extra vital than financial exploitation and political marginalization is the continual denuding of those unlucky nations from the asset of their gifted inhabitants by means of tinselly and rolled-gold Machiavellian strategies. This a method stream of prowess has nurtured the fats nations by making the mental area of the emergent nations bleak and barren. It’s crystal clear that solely shining lights and salts of the earth can unfetter their native lands from the quagmire of twiddly nationwide points to make jogging strides.

Endless ambitions and unemployment compel the folks to depart their motherland to settle the place they will get jobs and well-blubbered salaries. Unstable regulation and order state of affairs additionally ends in exodus of the well-read folks. Authoritarian regimes that cramp freedom of expression and suppress inner liberties to firmly seize the bridles of energy are additionally a number one explanation for brainpower sap. Favoritism, nepotism and sleaze shatter the boldness of the folks within the establishments.

These malpractices generate frustration within the proficient group members by trampling meritocracy. A rustic the place advantage is thrown to the sharks to nurture dishonesty can’t make any headway within the welter of the modern melting pot. These unfair practices push the endowed natives to strive their destiny some other place the place they see a glimmer of anticipation for due esteem and excellent profession.

Hundreds of medical doctors, engineers, charted accountants, academics and different dexterous members of the creating nations work like a beaver to look within the skilled entry examinations of America, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland and the European nations. These well-lined nations choose the luminous candidates and push the remainder of them to their native nations because the sugarcane juice machine throws the trash away after squeezing the juice. The folks on whom alternatives smile spare no effort to completely settle within the well-heeled states. A few of them are left with no different choice however to rearrange a real or counterfeit paper marriage to get nationality. Scores of them use unfair means to amass faux paperwork to flee from the clutches of regulation enforcement businesses. Thus the scrawny nations from the place these connoisseurs get training are left excessive and dry that repeatedly provides to the melancholies of their residents ensuing from the vicious cycle of mind drain. The nation-states the place they immigrate wring their each grain of power to pay them dazzling {dollars}, kilos and euros. Thus the shine and heat of the glittering cash ensnare the overambitious people of the fleeced nations completely.

They by no means slither out of the cocoon of this illusory lure that didn’t allow them to consider the miseries and agonies of their countrymen scrapping the underside of the barrel. The illustrious poet Allama Iqbal fittingly attributed:

Nazar ko kheera karti hai chamak tehzib hazir ki

Ye sannai magar jhoote nigoon ki reza kari hai.

(The flamboyance of the modern civilization appeals the eyes, this artisanship is however the ornament of counterfeit pearls.)

In all of the developed nations the social standing of the specialists may be very excessive. They’re known as males of mind and the governments give them due respect and hulking salaries in order that these geniuses can devotedly serve the pursuits of their nation by placing their foot down. However in many of the creating nations the social standing of the bureaucrats, politicians and brass hats is tremendously up-scale. A number of professionals sacrifice their line of labor by becoming a member of authority associated jobs or migrating to prosperous nations triggering an unbridled ferocious part of intelligence consumption. It’s the energy based mostly social buildings that compel the folks to vary their vocation. Among the newly recruited officers begin calculating the cash they will churn out by means of dishonest means even earlier than becoming a member of the put up. As a result of this grim state of affairs the event in these nations continues to be within the doldrums.

Pays of the civil servants who serve their vested pursuits greater than the general public are usually not completely different from the opposite authorities officers of the identical rank. However each regime takes it without any consideration that they might compensate by means of jobbery and embezzlement as a result of they’ve large public funds at their disposal. Graft of the federal government officers in Pakistan is as frequent as water within the Amazon. The perks and privileges loved by the civil and army paperwork can’t be even dreamt of by another career within the nation. As many of the bureaucrats marry in well-to-do households due to this fact they want huge amount of cash to take care of their social standing and their pay is simply the tip of the iceberg of their huge expenditures. Due to this fact, they’re left with no different choice however to grease their palms.

Lack of self-reliance is the important thing issue for the perpetual depressing situation of the creating nations. They’ve shoddily botched to harness the expertise of their plenty that’s obligatory to develop political and financial sovereignty. Due to this fact, they’ve been economically browbeaten and politically sidelined within the constellation of the nations by the large nations. The colossal nations follow democracy inside their borders however exterior their boundaries they preach egalitarianism however perform rigorous feudalism to calculatedly hold the Third World nations in a state of torpor in order that they can’t problem their writ and thwart hegemonic designs within the international affairs. They’ve intentionally customary a world financial system based mostly on curiosity and exploitation that doesn’t allow the rising nations to change into self-sufficient. Majority of the exhausting up states are dominated by despotic rulers pampered by the alligators of the potent states. Solely the good individuals engrossed in patriotism can change the future of a sloth-rumpled and sleep-crumpled nation by guiding them to change into unbiased by smashing up the begging bowl. The inhabitants of the budding nations ought to hammer into their minds these radiant phrases:

When beggars lengthen their bowl they do not really feel shy,

However the pleasures of independence they by no means take pleasure in;

They degrade themselves for a sq. meal,

Bodily they reside however morally they die;

True spirits of life are in self-reliance,

As a result of treatments in ourselves usually do lie.

There’s gross institutional decay within the creating nations. This depressing state of affairs is most fitted for cultivation of deceitfulness, duplicity and double requirements within the scam-spattered society. Dynamism of establishments is compulsory to construct the belief of the general public within the state functionaries. However within the dictatorial states their despotic rulers spoil the establishments to toughen their steely grip on the bristles of authority. These totalitarian potentates are usually not accountable to anybody. They squash the nations for his or her luxurious actions. The teeming tens of millions of those unlucky nations hope in opposition to hope for a closing reprieve. Thus autocratic regimes cancel out the possibilities of success for the competent folks that compel them to settle in a rustic the place their expertise and aptitude can be appreciated. The nations the place personalities and strain teams are extra highly effective than the establishments can’t compete with the nations the place the circumstances are solely around the clock.

The emigrating of intellectual individuals perpetually generates mental deficit within the rising states that thrust them additional backward. Solely the geniuses can liberate the nations from the intricate dilemmas. Due to this fact, with the intention to bulwark the menace of mind drain there may be screeching must deliver ahead the boys of mind quite than empowering males of brawn that may solely worsen the already grim image. If the dwellers of weedy states need to make any headway within the current whirlpool then they need to present due respect, perks and privileges to the real intellectuals in order that they gird up their loins to devotedly serve their indigent nations. On this manner the peril of steady expertise loss may be averted as a result of it’s rightly mentioned that brains like hearts go the place they’re appreciated. It’s obligatory for the progressing nations to overtake all establishments of their states. Whereas appointing heads of varied establishments meritocracy must be the supreme criterion as an alternative of method and corruption as a result of an trustworthy chief can inject vibrancy within the group by curbing the peril of rampant sleaze. A bolt upright official on the helm of affairs can plug loopholes within the establishment by means of candid pragmatic steps. A rustic dangerously suffers the place unbridled bribery is socially acceptable as a result of it wears down the ethical cloth of the nation.William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English poet and playwright, exactly mentioned in his Sonnet 94 (1609):

“For sweetest issues flip sourest by their deeds:

Lilies that fester odor far worse than weeds.”


Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti

Freelance Columnist, Poet and Writer of the Books“What Plagues Pakistan ?” and”Dwell Balls of Hearth”


Source by Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti


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