Kim Jong Un Health

Kim Jong Un Health news – Is he ill or it’s a Rumour?

The South Korean government informs that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health is in good condition. Despite allegations from sources on April 21, the government claims it has no evidence to suggest that the ruler, who is 36 years old, is in a critical condition. On the other hand, United States President Donald Trump stated on Tuesday that he hoped North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un was doing well, even though he had first called allegations of Kim’s poor health “fake.

Kim Jong Un Health 

Recent events include Kim Jong-un being absent from the birthday party held in honour of his grandpa on April 15. The celebration of the birth of the nation’s founder is one of the most important events that take place throughout the year. Kim Jong-un has never failed to show up for it, and it appeared pretty improbable that he would opt to skip it altogether.

It was inevitable that his absence would give rise to rumours and conjecture, but it is difficult to provide evidence for any of them. The most recent appearance of Kim Jong-un in official media was on April 12, and it was described as him “inspecting a chase attack aircraft group” in a handout that did not provide a date. The photographs, as always, gave the impression that he was calm and at peace. According to dispatches from official media, we are aware that he presided over a crucial political gathering the day prior. But he has not been seen since.

There was also no mention of his attendance at a rumoured missile test that took place the previous week in state-run media. However, in most pictures from these events, he may be seen there. Reporting on North Korea is very challenging even under the best of circumstances, and as a result, most conjecture is based on deviations from historical patterns. After closing its borders at the end of January owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, the already secretive state is now engaging in an even more severe kind of lockdown.

Kim Jong Un Health News

Kim Jong Un was absent from a ceremony held on April 15 to mark the most significant festival in North Korea. This day celebrates the birthday of Kim Il Sung, Kim’s grandfather and the nation’s first leader, who passed away in 1994. Yet, strangely, images of a recent weapons test, which generally show the leader viewing and nodding in satisfaction, have not been released in any state-run media outlets. And it’s been extraordinary that there haven’t been any direct remarks from Kim himself in any of the country’s official declarations.

As a result of all of this, there has been widespread speculation in the media that Kim Jong-un, who is 36 years old, is either recovering from major surgery, is gravely ill, or has passed away. Additionally, there has been a flurry of activity by United States intelligence to figure out what, if anything, is going on.

Is Kim Jong Un ill, or it’s a Rumour?

Meanwhile, North Korean media outlets have remained silent on the circulating rumours and continue to pretend that life in the Hermit Kingdom is continuing as usual. Even if they publish old (or outdated) pronouncements from Kim about the economy and other matters, the consensus is that there is nothing to see here, and everything is operating normally.

That is a plausible explanation. However, Kim has a history of going missing for many weeks at a time, only to reappear as if nothing had occurred suddenly. The coronavirus has also affected the nation, and the dictator may be taking preventative measures to protect himself from infection. Additionally, since there is a culture of secrecy in North Korea, rumours may spread like wildfire regardless of how implausible they may seem.

Kim Jong Un Health Updates

It was extraordinary because North Korea had launched numerous missile tests only the day before. However, the dictatorship often carries out nuclear tests around big holidays or significant political events (South Korea’s legislative elections were also scheduled to take place the next day). Thus this particular occurrence is not remarkable in and of itself.

However, it was pretty surprising that there was complete silence from the North Korean media on the tests. The state-controlled media in North Korea will often post images of the test within a few hours of it taking place. In these photos, Kim Jong-un can be seen beaming while looking at the explosions.

But on Monday, April 20, a South Korean news outlet that North Korean defectors ran published a story claiming that Kim Jong Un had recently undergone heart surgery and was recuperating “at a villa outside of Pyongyang.” The report cited “multiple sources,” and it fueled the speculation that something fishy was going ohappening

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