HEC Share Approved professional Councils List for students

HEC Asks Students to Affirm either Degree or Programs are approved by Professional Council

HEC asks students and parents to confirm the degree or program is approved by the concerned Professional Council. Qualifications in any professional degree program cannot be started without the approval of the relevant professional council. Any professional degree, program, or qualification cannot be offered by any University or institution to start until the approval and recommendation of the concerned council.

Nevertheless, some universities are soliciting applications for unapproved and uncertified Programs, which poses a serious threat to students’ future and a waste of time and resources. Therefore, students and parents are advised to check the approval of the relevant professional council for this degree program before enrolling.

For all non-professional programs, ensure that the internal university sub-campus is approved by Higher Education Commission. Below is the detail of the Concerned Government Councils with their web links and contact details. Before starting any Degree or Program, students must check the status of the University or institute that either its offering program is approved or not.

Professional Councils Links

List of Accreditation Councils Web Link Contact detail
Pakistan Engineering Council PEC www.pec.org.pk 051-2829348
Pakistan Medical Commission PMC www.pmc.gov.pk 051-9106152-54
Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council www.pmvc.gov.pk 051-9108340/051-9108342
Pakistan Nursing Council PNC www.pnc.org.pk 051-9255805/051-9255813
Pakistan Council for Architects & Town Planners www.pcatp.org.pk 051-2706668
Pharmacy Council of Pakistan www.pharmacycouncil.org.pk 051-9204191
Pakistan Bar Council www.pakistanbarcouncil.org 051-9206805
National Council for Homoeopathy www.nchpakistan.gov.pk 051-5409045
National Council for Tibb www.nct.gov.pk 051-9204378
National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council www.naeac.org 051-90802681
National Business Education Accreditation Council www.nbeac.org.pk 051-90800206-7
National Computing Education Accreditation Council www.nceac.org.pk 051-90802771
National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education www.nacte.org.pk 051-90808155
National Technology Council www.ntc-hec.org.pk 051-90802786
Pakistan Professional Councils List
HEC Asks Students to Affirm either Degree or Programs are approved by Professional Council
HEC Professional Councils List link and contact detail

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