He Doesn’t Feel a Spark Anymore – How to Recapture Your Man’s Attention

You’re crazy about your guy but there’s one major problem in your relationship. He doesn’t feel a spark anymore. That’s not to say he doesn’t love you but something has certainly changed for him. The days when he couldn’t get enough of you are gone and have been replaced by a quiet and almost boring sense of comfort. He’s a man after all and we all know that most men thrive on excitement and the unexpected. If your guy has told you that the spark isn’t there anymore, you can change it. You have the ability to transform your relationship so he feels the same way about you now that he did when he first met you.

When he tells you that he doesn’t feel a spark anymore the last thing you should do is try and convince him otherwise. If you start pleading your case and trying to explain to him why he should be as wild about you now as he was when you two first got together, he’s going to see that as pathetic and desperate. You’ll appear to have absolutely no self esteem and men aren’t drawn to women like that. You have to handle this as the mature and emotionally strong woman that you are. That means you’re going to show the man just watch an amazing catch you really are.

You have to do something that he doesn’t expect you to do if you want him to feel captivated by you again. That means you’re going to muster up all the self confidence you have and you’re going to pull back a bit from him. You have to do this without all the fanfare of making a big announcement about how things are going to change now that you now he’s not as into you as he once was. All you’re going to do is pull back and let his mind start to wonder what’s going on with you. You’ll still be as sweet and kind as you always were but you won’t be as available or accessible anymore.

Once a woman shows a man that she’s not always going to be right there for him, he’ll sit up and take more notice of her. He’ll learn to appreciate her and everything she brings to his life. Suddenly she’s incredibly interesting again because she’s just out of his reach. Keeping him on his toes is the way to make him feel a spark again so do that by creating a little distance in a very subtle way. The man won’t be able to contain himself as he starts chasing after you again.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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