Hand Manipulation Methods For Women to Use on Men (You Probably Don’t Know These)

All woman like to use their hands on their man’s penis at some point during sexual relations. However, most women do not understand the intricate nature of the sensitivity of the penis before and after orgasms. This article will help shed some light on where your hands should be and when.

Hand manipulation methods for women to use on men(You probably don’t know these

One of the most important aspects of hand manipulation is to realize that the shaft of the penis is not important at all. The shaft is similar to what the outer labia is for women. It feels nice for man to have it touched and stroked, but it really doesn’t matter. The head is where the magic happens. The key with hand work is the speed and location of the hand. Most women like to use a moderate to fast pace when working over the head. This method will of course work, but it is not very intimate and produces an average orgasm. The best method by far is to use some lubrication on the head and grip it lightly with the hand and only move your hand over it and barely any shaft. You want to go extremely slow and grab with a lot more pressure than you normally would. Keep a very tight grip and slide it up and down the glans in very short, super slow strokes.

This method will produce a numbing orgasm that your man will not believe you were able to produce with your hand. The key to it is using some very good lubrication that will create a super slick surface. This is so you will not have nay friction when you have a tight grip and it will allow you to apply erotic pressure. Just watch his bod language and watch for his testicles to rise to know when he is about to climax. The closer he gets to the orgasm the slower you want to glide your grip.

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