Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Put Consistently and How To Find The Right Putter For You

Firstly, how do you put?

Do you hit the ball hard so that it bangs into the back of the


Or do you try to hit your ball so that it stops at the level of the

hole so allowing your ball to just fall over the edge of the hole from the

front or from the sides.

What ever your method, you will know exactly how to put each time

you step onto the green if you put in same way every time.

I mentioned in a recent article that you should look carefully for

a putter that suits you, and then stick to it.

Bad putting on some days is the fault of the person holding the

putter not the putter it self.

You have to make sure that it is not too heavy on fast greens.

Therefore to slightly contradict what I have just said, it may be a

good idea to have a very suitable light putter for fast greens and

a heavier one, just as suitable for slower greens.

This way, your swing tempo will not have to change.

Nor will the length of your back swing have to change much.

Having been on the practice putting green before your round, you

will always be able to fine tune your back swing before you set


To find a putter that feels so right for you may take a little


Keep looking until you find it.

Then have a look at the sole of the putter when you take up your

putting stance.

Is the sole flat on the ground or is the toe sticking up a bit, or

is it the heel?

If you have either problem, take the perfect in every other way

putter to your pro shop, where the club will be bent a little to

make sure the sole of your putter is flat on the ground.

Now you line up as I have shown you in a previous article and you

will sink your share of puts.

Source by Bill Maitland

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