Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Hit Your Puts With A Square Solid Hit

The result of your put will depend almost totally on how you hit
You want your ball to roll head over heels as it were.

You certainly do not want your ball to bobble along to the hole, or
deviate because you have applied side spin to the ball.

Nor do you want your put to be short just because you have topped the ball.

Well, here is how you alleviate all these faults.

When you stand over your put, keep the height of your put as low as
possible. I am talking about the putter head.

o Number one. Do not lift your putter head on the back stroke, but
keep it as close to the ground as possible during the whole back

o Lifting the putter head causes you to hit down on the ball and
this is a type of chopping motion.
It may not feel as though you are doing this, but you are.

This causes, believe it or not, back spin on the ball and even some side spin.
I hear you saying

“No wonder I am always beside the hole and it always seems to be on the
same side”. Right?

o With the putting stroke, similarly, keep the putter head as close
to the ground as possible. This means on the back stroke and on the
forward stroke as well. Lifting the putter head as it nears the
ball to hit with a slightly upward blow is not good.

I have seen this done by players in an attempt to get top spin on the ball and
so more distance for the same amount of power.
So, keep the putter head low to the ground right through the put.

Do not allow it to rise slightly just after you have hit the ball.
The result achieved by not keeping your putter head close to the ground as above is a
scooping type action that causes you to hit the ball thin or even
top it.

Distance loss is the result.

o So, let me repeat because it is so important. When you want to
put well, which is all the time I would think, a square solid hit
is achieved by keeping your putter head as close to the ground as
possible during both your back swing and your forward or putting

The feeling of the put is so different.
It really feels that you are hitting the put with the sweet spot on the putter, which you
are of course.
It impossible to do so if the putter is descending
or rising during the put.

Make sense?

Source by Bill Maitland

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