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Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL) owns the Baxi Box POS device. They have the Baxi Android POS and the mPOS device. The Baxi box Android POS device runs on Android 8.1 and costs ₦80,000 to buy and ₦15,000 to lease. The Baxi mPOS is a mobile point-of-sale system that resembles a calculator. It requires an Android phone to work and an external mobile Bluetooth printer before you can begin generating receipts.

Features of Baxi Box POS Device

Other fascinating features of the Baxi POS machine, withdrawal and fund transfer, are described below.

Account balance checking: Agents can now assist customers in checking their account balance via their ATM, thanks to the new Baxi pos 2.0.

Payment of Utility Bills: Baxi Box is the best for paying utility bills (such as electricity bills, recharge cards, and cable subscriptions), their platform is quite dependable, and you also receive a commission for any utility bill payments.

Multiple Fund transfer portal: Unlike other POS devices, Baxi Box’s Baxi app and pos have 3 functional bank transfer portals integrated (Zenith Bank, GTBank, Rubies Bank), so you can use whichever one you like to transfer money for your customers. They charge $30 for fund transfers and 0.55 per cent on any withdrawal transactions.

Recharge card sales: You may sell recharge cards and print out their pins using your POS and the Baxi app, and you’ll be paid a commission for each card you sell.

On the Baxi Box POS machine, you can do the following:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Instant Settlement
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Cardless USSD withdrawal 
  • Generate recharge card PIN/voucher to sell to customers 
  • Create a virtual ATM card (MasterCard) that you can use to buy anything online 
  • Buy Bulk SMS

Baxi Box Charges & Commissions

Transaction Commissions
MTN Prepaid Recharge 1.60%
MTN Data Bundle Recharge 1.60%
Airtel Data Bundle Recharge 1.76%
Glo Data Bundle Recharge 2.80%
Glo Prepaid Recharge 2.80%
9Mobile Data Bundle Recharge 2.80%
Cash Transactions (0-20,000) 0.55%
Cash Transactions (20,001-100,000) ₦100 flat
Cash Deposit ₦30 flat
Ikedc Token Vending 1.20%
Ikedc Bill Payment 1.20%
Ekedc Prepaid 0.8%
Ekedc Postpaid 2.00%
Aedc Prepaid 0.96%
Aedc Postpaid 0.96%
Gotv (Regular Agent) 1.40%
Gotv (SabiMen Agent) 1.20%
Dstv (Regular Agent) 1.40%
Dstv (Sabimen Agent) 1.20%
Golden Chance Lotto (5/90) 20%

Breakdown of Baxi POS Transaction charge?

Baxi charges 0.55% on withdrawal and ₦30 flat on every deposit.

You will be charged ₦5.5 on every ₦1000 you withdraw for a customer. You will be charged ₦30 to transfer any amount, whether on the POS or on their app

Here’s the breakdown:

₦1000 charges is ₦5.5

₦2000 charges is ₦11

₦3000 charges is ₦16.5

₦4000 charges is ₦22

₦5000 charges is ₦27.5

₦6000 charges is ₦33

₦7000 charges is ₦38.5

₦8000 charges is ₦44

₦9000 charges is ₦49.5

₦10,000 charges is ₦55.5

₦11,000 charges is ₦60.5

₦12,000 charges is ₦66

₦13,000 charges is ₦71.5

₦14,000 charges is ₦77

₦15,000 charges is ₦82.5

₦16,000 charges is ₦88

₦17,000 charges is ₦93.5

₦18,000 charges is ₦99

₦19,000 charges is ₦104.5

₦20,000 charges is ₦100

Any amount above ₦20,000 charges is ₦100 

Any amount above ₦100,000 charges is ₦150

How to apply for a Baxi POS Machine

All you need to get a Baxi POS is your ID card (a national ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card, or international passport). Also, you need a PHCN bill and a Passport photograph. These plus a cautionary fee of ₦10,000 (for the mPOS) while ₦30,000 (for the android POS) is what you need to get the Baxi POS devices.

Below are the documents that you need to provide to get the Baxi POS machine:

  • A verified Identity card such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill)
  • CAC Business certificate (Registered business only)
  • Valid BVN; the Bank Verification Number is used to confirm that your personal information submitted is valid for proper KYC documentation as required by the CBN
  • Account Number

During registration, you will be required to provide:

  • Your First name
  • Your last name.
  • Your gender.
  • State and Local government Area
  • Your Phone number.

How to register and create an account on Baxi POS App?

To register for Baxi POS;

  • Download the Baxi app from the play store 
  • Open the app and click on sign up
  • Enter your username and password
  • Note: Make sure the username is more than 8 digits (a mixture of alphabet and numbers), then Input your desired password
  • Select your state and choose your local government. Then, thick the “I HAVE READ AND AGREE” box, and click on SIGN UP

After signing up, the next step is to complete your KYC by filling in your BVN and ID details, plus your passport. Also, fill in your next of kin and other personal information. Then make sure all the items listed below are marked in green (this shows that you have successfully uploaded the required document/information)

How to request a POS on your Baxi app

After filling in all necessary KYC information, proceed to request your POS device. Note that the cautionary fee for Baxi Mpos is ₦10,000 while that of the android is ₦30,000. To request for any of the two on your dashboard, you will see the option for POS click on it

Important: No stamp duty is attached to the Baxi POS transaction. Stamp duty is an extra ₦50 charged by the federal government on any withdrawal or inward transfer from ₦10,000 and above. This amount is not been charged on Baxi

How to Become a Baxi Box Agent and Get the Pos

  • Open your Google Playstore or Apple Store
  • Search For “Baxi Mobile”
  • Download and Install the app on your smartphone
  • Locate Baxi Mobile On your phone screen
  • Open and Register
  • Upgrade to Baxi Flex or Pro with your BVN
  • Request For the Baxi Mpos or Click the Link Below to get one

How to fund the USSD wallet

  • Tap on your fund account icon
  • select USSD wallet funding
  • Select debiting account and amount from the drop-down
  • Dial the code generated and send money via the phone number registered with the bank
  • Input the transfer pin to complete the transaction

How Dependable is the Baxi Box POS Network?

No POS is flawless and free from network issues; even bank ATMs occasionally experience network issues. I give Baxi an 80 per cent network rating for withdrawal transactions and a 97 per cent rating for fund transfers. Baxi customer support is also always prepared to address any issues.

Baxi Box POS Customer Care

Website: baxibox.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 017008571. You can also send a message to their DM.

Baxi office is open from 8 am – 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays

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